Corner to corner. TALLY boxes are rectangular all-rounders. Highly versatile, they can be used in all sorts of ways: in entrance areas to deposit odds and ends or keys, in home offices to keep desks tidy, and in living areas to display your favourite items. Available in three sizes, TALLY can be used solo or in a team, with endless possibilities for creative combinations. Same-sized boxes can also be stacked. Clear and functional in design, all variations are available in a selection of interesting lacquer options – black, night blue or dusky rose – and, for an extra splash of colour, TALLY can also be ordered in emerald green, flamingo pink, coral or indian yellow. Colour your home!
Paint - Basic Colours
.46 black
Paint - Accent Colours
.35 indian yellow
.32 coral
.38 flamingo pink
.70 dusky rose
.42 emerald green
.51 night blue