A creative focus on the essentials can result in a purist interior highlight – and the BOW coat stand proves it. Its delicate proportions belie its true strength. Strikingly, the post is positioned towards the side of the foot plate, giving BOW the look of an oversized bracket, especially from the side. It comes with a post of solid oak or walnut with an oiled, natural finish, or in oak with an open-pored finish painted in black. Alternatively, BOW can be ordered in steel with a finely textured powder coating in a choice of colours. The flat steel foot plate is finished to match, with either a powder coating or a veneer. On top of the hanging rail, an almost invisible flat plastic strip protects it from moving hangers. BOW is a handy addition for any interior and ideal even for tight spaces. Its unfussy appearance also makes it the perfect business partner for offices or practices. Maximum minimalism.
Paint - Basic Colours
.46 black
Wooden Surfaces
.01 matt walnut
.770 matt oak
Metal Surfaces