The GEO wall mirror is an invitation to take a closer look. The slender metal frame (45 x 45 cm) is powder-coated in black with a finely textured surface and square in shape. The looking glass inside it, however, is either a rectangle, a triangle, a quarter-circle, a half-oval — or a square. And that’s the key fea-ture of GEO: four of the five mirror shapes available do not fill the frame entire-ly. Instead, they leave a section of the back panel visible. Only the square mir-ror fills the frame completely, making it the perfect counterpart to any or all of the others. The hooks on the rear allow the mirrors to be hung in various ways, and when grouped, the result can be very effective. GEO is a creative state-ment piece in any setting, from private spaces or offices to cafés and hotels. Striking variations on a theme.
Metal Surfaces
.198 powder-coated black, fine structure