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It’s all in the name. INDIVIDUAL ELECTRIC is a custom-made, hinged wall mirror. It comes in sizes of up to 170 cm high and 70 cm wide. What’s more, it can cover fuse boxes and wall safes, even if they protrude up to 2 cm from the wall. It is attached to the wall via a hinge strip that can be positioned on the left or right, and closes securely with a barely visible system of magnets (a metal plate on the rear of the mirror meets a magnet on the wall). As well as being both a mirror and a concealing panel, INIDIVIDUAL ELECTRIC is decorative. Its slim frame is just 8mm thick and made of oak or walnut with either an oiled, natural finish or with a matt lacquered finish in a choice of colours, from subdued basic tones to vibrant, contrasting shades. For those who prefer an even more minimalist look, there’s also the frameless INDIVIDUAL ELECTRIC II.

Paint - Basic Colours
.54 snow white
.27 grey white
.29 shell
.39 ivory
.28 rosewood
.59 pebble
.49 cacao
.60 stone grey
.44 cement
.66 granite
.37 slate black
.46 black
Paint - Accent Colours
.35 indian yellow
.50 sunrise
.32 coral
.47 tomate red
.40 wine red
.52 watermelon
.38 flamingo pink
.70 dusky rose
.43 blackberry
.48 jungle
.42 emerald green
.53 sage
.30 jade
.61 ice blue
.68 steel blue
.56 sapphire
.51 night blue
Wooden Surfaces
.12 oiled natural oak
.16 oiled natural walnut