Picture perfect. The VIEW wall mirror shows how perfect proportions and special details can turn a simple basic form like a rectangle into a masterpiece. The front of the mirror sits flush with the front edges of the frame. The rounded corners make for a distinctive look. VIEW can either be leaned against the wall or attached to it via a triangular metal hanger. Much like the kind used to hang pictures, the optional hanger is a striking design feature that remains visible at the top of the mirror when it is in place. VIEW is a clear, contemporary take on 1950s-inspired design. The open-pore oak frame is available in black, pebble, or dusky rose, and appears as a delicate surround when seen from the front. Seen from the side, its full depth makes for a fascinating visual contrast. VIEW is available in four sizes.
Paint - Basic Colours
.59 pebble
.46 black
Paint - Accent Colours
.70 dusky rose