The MASK coat rack is a very special melding of nature and design. The right-hand side of the two-part oval panel is crafted from bog oak, which is finished in clear varnish. This valuable wood is obtained from trees that have lain buried in peat bogs for hundreds of years. During this time various biochemical processes cause the wood to become rough and change colour. The resulting natural blues, grey-greens and blacks are particularly attractive – and offer a fascinating contrast to the black, finely textured powder coating of the metal coat rail and hooks for bags and jackets. The coat rail extends beyond the wood panel, visually breaking up the oval and attaching to the wall on the right. The left-hand side of the oval panel consists of a mirror. MASK comes in 2 widths, with a small, rectangular tray or drawer in an array of matt colours as optional extras. The MASK coat rack is also available in a matt lacquered or natural oak finish. A creation that brings woodland to your home.
Wooden Surfaces
.271 bog oak