system furniture

by Jehs + Laub

Practical, architectural, personal. The modular STRIPES system offers a range of carcass elements of different dimensions that can be added and combined in almost infinite variations. Ideal for entrance areas, offices, conference rooms and business spaces, individual modules can be configured to fit any space perfectly. Further items can be added at any time to make the best possible use of the storage space available. Purist in its design, STRIPES looks neat – inside and out. The handleless doors are available in a wide variety of coloured, matt or high-gloss paint finishes, or with mirror fronts. The shadow gaps, which are the key design feature of the STRIPES series, are finished in white aluminium, synthetic material or walnut veneer. A slim, vertical lighting strip in white acrylic glass is available to order as a visual highlight. The STRIPES system consists of cabinets with doors or pull-out fronts, corner cabinets, open-fronted modules with or without a concealed coat rail or shelves, various sizes of over-door element, benches, and numerous variations and dimensions of low-, side- and highboards with different interior arrangements. With a wide range of functional fittings, such as shelves, drawers, electrical sockets and safety deposit boxes, STRIPES is ideal for storing just about anything: from umbrellas, bags and files to office and technical equipment and materials, everything has a home. Door interiors can be customised with mirrors or magnetic display boards, for example, and STRIPES can even be configured to incorporate niches of various heights and widths and a standard depth. These can be enclosed at the top by cupboards with doors and an optional concealed coat rail and integrated lighting strip. The back wall of the niche can be finished with paint, fabric or a mirror. The lower section consists of a bench drawers or pull-down flaps. Benches can be fitted with cushions in a choice of leather or fabric covers. STRIPES offers plenty of scope for creativity, and has a range of functions and a classy, purist look. A timeless modular system that turns entrance areas and business spaces into a new experience.
Paint - Basic Colours
.54 snow white
.27 grey-white
.58 vanilla
.39 ivory
.28 rosewood
.59 pebble
.49 cacao
.60 stone grey
.44 cement
.66 granite
.37 slate black
.46 black
Paint - Accent Colours
.35 indian yellow
.38 flamingo pink
.42 emerald green
.69 citrus yellow
.32 coral
.47 tomate red
.40 wine red
.43 blackberry
.70 dusky rose
.62 ocean
.53 sage
.30 jade
.61 ice blue
.68 steel blue
.51 night blue
Paint - High-gloss Colours
.108 snow white
.192 grey-white
.111 ivory
.189 rosewood
.121 pebble
.110 cacao
.122 stone grey
.109 cement
.105 granite
.103 slate black
.100 black
.191 coral
.114 tomato red
.106 wine red
.113 blackberry
.164 dusky rose
.194 steel blue
.165 night blue
Wooden Surfaces
.01 matt walnut
.10 matt wenge-coloured oak
.11 matt bleached oak
.12 oiled natural oak
.14 matt granite oak
Fabrics & Leather
.186 jade Kvadrat Harald 3-823
.187 fuchsia pink Kvadrat Harald 3-613
.188 opal green Kvadrat Harald 3-982
.726 atomic red Kvadrat Vidar 653
.727 blush Kvadrat Vidar 633
.728 lemon Kvadrat Vidar 443
.729 bavarian sky Kvadrat Vidar 733
.730 forest green Kvadrat Vidar 1062
.731 black-grey Kvadrat Sonar 194
.732 black-white Kvadrat Sonar 173
.733 blush-black Kvadrat Sonar 684
.717 steel blue Kvadrat Steelcut 780
.720 powder Kvadrat Steelcut 240
.722 granite Kvadrat Steelcut 180
.773 stone grey Kvadrat Steelcut 155
.774 black Kvadrat Steelcut 190
.739 citrus yellow Kvadrat Harald 432
.745 burgundy Kvadrat Harald 582
.746 night blue Kvadrat Harald 792
.747 smoke blue Kvadrat Harald 182
.748 asphalt Kvadrat Harald 242
.749 sand Kvadrat Harald 212
.753 cream Kvadrat Vidar 1511
.754 pebble Kvadrat Vidar 222
.755 rose Kvadrat Vidar 622
.756 raspberry Kvadrat Vidar 672
.757 tangerine Kvadrat Vidar 542
.758 petrol Kvadrat Vidar 872
.759 royal blue Kvadrat Vidar 772
.764 navy blue Kvadrat Vidar 554
.768 cement Kvadrat Vidar 152
.772 slate black Kvadrat Vidar 1880
.737 multi night blue Kvadrat Sonar 792
.738 multi rosé Kvadrat Sonar 633
.130 leather black
.131 leather brown
.133 leather ivory
.137 leather nougat
.775 leather grey
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