Schönbuch Designer Hadi Teherani

Hadi Teherani

From outside to inside, from architecture to interior design - the impressive range of work produced by Hadi Teherani takes an all-embracing view of things. This architect and designer, with his high international reputation, was born in Teheran, studied at Braunschweig Technical University, began work in Cologne and was then invited to lecture at Aachen Technical University. In 1991 BRT Architects - Bothe Richter Teherani was established, with head offices in Hamburg. 2003 was the year in which the product and interior design company Hadi Teherani AG was established, after which offices were opened in Moscow, followed by Dubai a year later and Abu Dhabi in 2009. For Schönbuch Hadi Teherani has created LEVEL, an umbrella stand that's typical of his clear architectural design approach.