Schönbuch Designer Jonathan Radetz Antonia Henschel

Jonathan Radetz & Antonia Henschel

Graphic design meets product design. That’s the title of an interdisciplinary project by Jonathan Radetz and Antonia Henschel. A graphic designer by trade, Henschel is the owner and creative director of Sign Kommunikation in Frankfurt. She works both there and in London, taking commissions for a host of renowned companies, many of them from the world of interior design. Her work has earned her a number of international awards. Jonathan Radetz is an interdisciplinary designer of wide-ranging creativity. Based in Frankfurt, he is a trained carpenter and product designer, focusing on furnishings, accessories and jewellery. His designs are shaped by his love of timeless modernity and the desire to deconstruct every idea right down to its essential components. For Schönbuch, Antonia Henschel and Jonathan Radetz have combined their creative worlds to produce CINEMA, a series of aesthetic cast-glass bookends inspired by elements from the world of typography.