Schönbuch Designer Silje Nesdal

Silje Nesdal

Home is where your creative roots are – a slogan that could be the title of the oeuvre of Norway’s Silje Nesdal. Silje Nesdal studied furniture design and interior architecture at the Academy of Arts and Design in Bergen and Helsinki, and textile design in Oslo. She takes her inspiration from her west Norwegian homeland, an unending source of ideas with a long tradition of combining handcrafting, wool and wood processing, and furniture production. Her designs are timeless and purist, yet their strong connection with nature also gives them an emotional side. One such piece is BOWL, handcrafted from real wood specially for Schönbuch. This bowl is also available in a special version - with a coloured lacquered lid, as BOWL MILAN EDITION 2018 and BOWL MILAN EDITION 2019.