Schönbuch Designer studio taschide Sandra Tan Johannes Schiebe

studio taschide

Stimulating emotions, forming values - this is the creative guideline that studio taschide has made its own. The design company’s name derives from those of its founders, Sandra Tan and Johannes Schiebe, who established studio taschide in 2004 in the town of Offenbach. Their aim: to inspire harmony and well-being with all their work. The core element in their activity is imparting fantasy to living-area design. The two of them are highly versatile and their work, once seen, is remembered with pleasure. For Schönbuch they have designed the ABOVE seagull-style coat hook, the 0118. coat hanger, the CUT wall mirror with matching shelves and wall hooks, the purist HANS stool and the versatile bench ALMA– all splendid examples of these designers’ unique style.