Schönbuch Designer studio taschide Sandra Tan Johannes Schiebe

studio taschide

Stimulating emotions, forming values. This is the creative guideline that studio taschide has made its own. Named after its founders, Sandra Tan-Schiebe and Johannes Schiebe, studio taschide was established in Offenbach in 2004 and works to inspire harmony and well-being. The core element in Tan and Schiebe’s activity consist of bringing a touch of imagination to living-area design. The duo are highly versatile and, once seen, their work is always remembered with pleasure. For Schönbuch they have designed the gull-inspired ABOVE wall hooks, the 0118. coat hanger, the CUT wall mirror, storage and wall hooks, the purist HANS stool and our solid wood bench, ALMA, all of which are fantastic examples of their unique style.