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Decorative natural beauty. SPLIT BOWL is hand-made from oiled natural oak or walnut, with a clever design that offers plenty of ways to use it: the two halves can be used individually or as a pair, fully or partially aligned or with one or both sides facing up or down. And they can even be used separately. SPLIT BOWL is handy for keeping everyday odds and ends, such as jewellery or other valuable pieces. It is also ideal as a beautiful mini-plinth on which to display favourite small items. SPLIT BOWL is beautiful to look at – with or without contents.


A personal view of things can be decisive – Martha Schwindling proves this for us with her design style. While studying product design at the College of Advanced Design in Karlsruhe, Martha Schwindling completed a placement with Stefan Diez in Munich. Several examples of this early work have already been seen at the Baden State Museum in Karlsruhe, at the ‘imm’ in Cologne and at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. In 2010 Martha Schwindling opened her own design studio, followed in 2014 by the Flat label. For Schönbuch she designed the SPHERE make-up table – a new, totally pure and functional version of a theme that’s truly feminine in character – and also the interior accessories JAR and SPLIT BOWL.

Wooden Surfaces
.12 oiled natural oak
.16 oiled natural walnut


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