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Favourites. Small but perfectly formed, the AMIE stool is easily moved from place to place to provide seating wherever it’s needed. To accommodate more people, or even just as a particularly attractive place to keep everyday items, there’s also the AMIE bench. The generous upholstery on either adds height, making for interesting proportions and a welcoming look. With a wide range of hard-wearing, high-quality furnishing fabrics to choose from for the cover, AMIE can be styled in an array of possible colours, from striking to subdued. The underframe can also be ordered in a choice of matt finishes that can be freely combined with the chosen fabric, in creative contrast or as a gentle blend. Beauty in countless options.


Living and working in interesting places has long been the creative credo of Christian Haas. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in industrial design, Haas set up his own studio in Munich in 2000. Seven years later, he relocated to Paris, where he established another studio and launched his own label in 2011. In 2015, he founded Studio Christian Haas in Porto, where he has since been working for a range of renowned brands, primarily in tableware, glassware, furniture and lights. His wide-ranging activities mean he also develops interior designs for international brands and for companies in the automotive, fashion and lifestyle segments. His creations meld minimalism with luxury and include the purist bar cabinet GUARD, which he designed for Schönbuch along with the SLIM and NICK coat racks, the PONTI and CARLO umbrella stands, the CARLA vase and the upholstered AMIE stool and bench.

Fabrics & Leather
.186 jade Kvadrat Harald 3-823
.187 fuchsia pink Kvadrat Harald 3-613
.188 opal green Kvadrat Harald 3-982
.726 atomic red Kvadrat Vidar 653
.727 blush Kvadrat Vidar 633
.728 lemon Kvadrat Vidar 443
.729 bavarian sky Kvadrat Vidar 733
.730 forest green Kvadrat Vidar 1062
.731 black-grey Kvadrat Sonar 194
.732 black-white Kvadrat Sonar 173
.733 blush-black Kvadrat Sonar 684
.779 rose quartz Nya Nordiska
.780 silver grey Nya Nordiska
.781 deep blue Nya Nordiska
.717 steel blue Kvadrat Steelcut 780
.720 powder Kvadrat Steelcut 240
.722 granite Kvadrat Steelcut 180
.773 stone grey Kvadrat Steelcut 155
.774 black Kvadrat Steelcut 190
.739 citrus yellow Kvadrat Harald 432
.745 burgundy Kvadrat Harald 582
.746 night blue Kvadrat Harald 792
.747 smoke blue Kvadrat Harald 182
.748 asphalt Kvadrat Harald 242
.749 sand Kvadrat Harald 212
.753 cream Kvadrat Vidar 1511
.754 pebble Kvadrat Vidar 222
.755 rose Kvadrat Vidar 622
.756 raspberry Kvadrat Vidar 672
.757 tangerine Kvadrat Vidar 542
.758 petrol Kvadrat Vidar 872
.759 royal blue Kvadrat Vidar 772
.764 navy blue Kvadrat Vidar 554
.768 cement Kvadrat Vidar 152
.772 slate black Kvadrat Vidar 1880
.737 multi night blue Kvadrat Sonar 792
.738 multi rosé Kvadrat Sonar 633
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