“I collaborate with companies of any size that deliver superior quality and manufacture in a way that respects the environment.”

Christian Haas is a lucky guy. His studio is just one floor down from his apartment, in the middle of the beautiful Porto city centre. This is where, since 2015, he has been creating table- and glassware, furniture and lighting for companies of international renown.
His design philosophy: sleek yet elegant, functional and timeless. An accurate description of his latest creations for Schönbuch: CANVAS, a furniture piece, which offers myriad combinations of fittings and finishes, the AKI coat stand and the YOKI ceramic bowls.

“I find inspiration on my travels, at flea markets and museums, and in music.”

Photos Markus Jans,
Daniel Breidt, Max von Eicken,
Fabian Frinzel