Rossiello Irvine

TREASURE BOX is the perfect place to keep favourite items. We asked a number of interesting people what those things are. The first was Marialaura Rossiello Irvine, a passionate collector and the wife of the TREASURE BOX’s late designer.
Architect Marialaura Irvine, wife of the late James Irvine, designer of the TREASURE BOX, now runs his studio in Milan
I own several copies of the TREASURE BOX, some in the kitchen with our favourite mugs, salt and pepper pots and small cooking utensils, and another with our Märklin train collection. And in the studio we have a mix of curiosities: inherited items, prototypes, miniatures. Each of our children has a TREASURE BOX too, where they store their memories. Every TREASURE BOX has different contents, and the only thing they have in common is their height from the ground: strictly 150 cm.
The one in this picture is for Ugo, our 17-year-old cat. For him, I thought of a collection of coloured fishing lures. The most beautiful ones are Japanese. I deliberately chose black as the backdrop because it really brings out the colours of the fishes and makes the whole thing look like a work of graphic art.