The World of Schönbuch

The philosophy – Simply beautiful. That’s the credo at Schönbuch, and anyone familiar with the brand and products will testify to it – 100 percent. Schönbuch effortlessly reconciles the seemingly irreconcilable. Every product from the more than 150 product families is timeless yet contemporary, a desirable designer piece that’s also entirely practical, a piece of sheer craftsmanship, with small, delicate, special touches that add an element of surprise. In short, all of them are simply beautiful!

The products
and the strengths

Schönbuch furniture welcomes residents and guests. Based in Bad Königshofen and Munich, in Bavaria, Schönbuch is traditionally known for its furniture, which transforms hallways into inviting entrance areas. The range includes a wide variety of coat stands, hooks and racks, as well as shoe cabinets in a choice of widths, depths and heights, and storage solutions to suit any space, no matter how tricky.

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Hand-made in Bavaria – at home around the world. The fact that Schönbuch has achieved global renown as a contemporary interiors brand is thanks to the work of creative director Carolin Sangha. Her clear signature style, love of colour, and unerring instinct for trends permeate the entire Schönbuch product portfolio.

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Open to new things but true to ourselves. That’s the secret of Schönbuch’s success. Schönbuch has an international mindset and communicates in various ways. A good example of this is THE PINK DOT Design Selection. A shop-in-shop embedded on the Schönbuch site that will be launched soon. It is influenced by the various inspirations Carolin Sangha brings back from her travels. It offers a window to the world, but also an invitation to connect with other selected brands.


Michael Ress took over Schönbuch in 2005 and imbued his ‘Sleeping Beauty’, as he calls it, with a fresh spirit. The company was originally based in Holzgerlingen, Southern Germany, and had been a specialist for high-quality furniture for entrance areas since its inception, back in the 1960s. But the product range needed a bit of a re-fresh.
Michael recognized the brand’s potential and was lucky enough to have the right partners to help him realise it. One of them was his freelance creative director, Carolin Sangha, whose intuition and clarity of vision catapulted Schönbuch into the present day; the other was the furniture maker Möbelwerkstätten Ress. The workshop already had longstanding connections with Schönbuch, and Michael is its sixth generation of director.