Hanger design – Hang loose!

As a pioneer in coat storage, design and stylish furniture for entrance areas, Schönbuch is a leader in clothes hanger design. No matter what type of storage solution you go for – whether it’s a simple designer wall hook or a more elaborate coat rack – Schönbuch has a range of over 15 different designer coat hangers that add a personal touch to your coat storage. After all, when it comes to hangers, design matters.

Which hanger design should I go for?

If you’re accommodating a lot of outerwear in not much space, you will need a lighter design of coat hanger to maximise the number of hangers you can hang on a rail without crushing or creasing the clothing on them. Designer coat hanger 0103. for example is made of through-coloured synthetic, space-saving and light, but also robust – a reliable solution for cupboards as well as open clothing rails. With an easy-to-clean surface, it also particularly suitable for surgeries and other settings where there’s a lot of coming and going. Some fabrics, such as silk and satin, slide off a hanger easily. For these, hanger 0117. is perfect: its fabric-covered curved metal protects sensitive materials. For more reserved colours , hanger design 0200. is an alternative option that can easily add a touch of colour to your wardrobe. It is made of metal and comes in a choice of three accent colours: bright blue, bright red and neon yellow. In spaces designed to showcase your business or organisation – reception areas, waiting rooms and lobbies, for example – the main focus of attention when selecting a coat storage option should not only be on the rack or stand but also on a suitable hanger design. If a floor-standing coat rack can accommodate larger designer hangers, the options are virtually endless. 0112. for example is an absolute classic. Made of solid wood, it gently holds any fabric without causing creases or hanger marks. The rotating metal hook and choice of colours make this designer hanger the absolute all-rounder. Designer hanger 0150. is a statement piece that comes in polished chrome, brushed stainless steel, matt chrome, polished smoked chrome or matt brass. It makes a unique addition to items such as the FRISBI coat rack and the polished stainless steel umbrella stand 0533. An understated wall mirror design, such as VIEW, is the perfect partner for the synthetic hanger 0102.

Schönbuch coat hanger DNA – colours and materials

Schönbuch is synonymous with unlimited colours. The spectrum ranges from understated hues and classic black or white to striking shades such as coral red. The various matt and gloss paint colours can either complement or liven up the design of a coat rack. If metal coat hangers remind you of the way dry cleaners’ hangers ruin even the most sturdy of garments, then think again. Metal coat hangers can actually be versatile and stylish and offer a host of other advantages: they are easy to clean, space-saving and come in a range of colours. If you have a sleek interior that needs livening up, try a bright colour. For a touch of class, go for brass or chrome. When clothes rails see a lot of action – in theatre foyers and event spaces, for example – synthetic hangers can be ideal, as they are light, durable and easy to clean. To add warmth and personality to a space or put the finishing touch to a minimalist Scandi interior, you will probably want a hanger design made of wood. Oiled, brushed, painted or varnished oak and walnut are a good solution, as wood is highly versatile and timeless. It has a smooth surface that is not too slippery, kind to textiles and easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

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