The KUKI wall hooks combine pure function with the thrill of colour. They are crafted from solid wood with an open-pore, painted finish. A single set consists of three hooks of different colours and sizes. They come either in three shades of red – watermelon, sunrise and wine red – or in three cooler blues and greens – sage, sapphire and jungle. The effects of their colours are heightened by their compact, straight form. KUKI wall hooks are minimalist yet decorative. They can be fitted in any arrangement and added to as needed. (Fitting hardware is provided to attach them to the wall.) A natural design that works as well in hallways and home offices as it does in kitchens and kids’ rooms.
Material: MDF Colours and surfaces: laquer finish
In stock
solid wood
watermelon, sunrise, wine red, sage, sapphire, jungle
required / Fitting hardware and assembly instructions enclosed
set of 3
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5-7 Days
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