Schönbuch Design Ablage Cut wandmontiert Massivholz Eiche studio taschide Schönbuch design shelf Cut wall-mounted solid wood oak studio taschide
Schönbuch Design Konsole Epoca Ulf Moritz Schönbuch design console Epoca Ulf Moritz
Drawer console
Schönbuch Design Konsoltisch eckig Massivholz schwarz Keramikfliese Christian Haas Schönbuch design console table angular solid wood black ceramic tile Christian Haas
Console table
Schönbuch Design Ablage Konsole Match Metall weiss platzsparend funktional Jehs + Laub Schönbuch design shelf console Match metal white space-saving functional Jehs + Laub
Schönbuch Design Konsoltisch Rack Metallgestell Glasplatte rechteckig schwarz minimalistisch f/p design Schönbuch design console table Rack metal frame glass top rectangular black minimalist f/p design
Console table
Schönbuch Design Konsoltisch Tub Massivholz Eiche Metallablage grau funktional Sebastian Herkner Schönbuch design console table Tub solid wood oak metal tub grey functional Sebastian Herkner
Console table

Designer shelves meld craftsmanship and creativity to deliver practical, usable solutions for various settings and styles. They are made with love, skill and attention to detail. From single floating shelf like CUT to a freely configurable cabinet and shelf combination such as STRIPES, designer shelves deliver exactly what you’re looking for. With any product by Schönbuch, aesthetics are a given - because unlike the makers of ordinary shelves, at Schönbuch we design our products to be beautiful from every angle. Floating solutions such as the luxurious EPOCA console, the angled CUT shelf and HESPERIDE DYO units are supported by entirely concealed hardware. STRIPES takes the strain with virtually invisible fittings. Our superior craftsmanship means that the glass and metal surfaces of FRISBI are immaculately worked, with no rough edges or burrs. The wooden backing panel of the S7 system is perfectly crafted to bring out the natural grain of the material. The mitres and clean lines of CUT are faultless. And with system solutions such as STRIPES, the depth and richness of the lacquered finish is unlike anything that can be found in an ordinary shelf.

Shelves designed with forethought and creativity are the result of our innovative, creative and distinctive approach to a problem. The slimline shelf-cum-display unit COVERSHOW is ideal for showcasing favourite magazines. The floor-standing MATCH offers infinite flexibility, be it solo or in a team, upright or on its side, as a night table, coffee table or general storage solution. HESPERIDE DYO doubles as a sleek, minimalist console with an optional sliding top to conceal odds and ends. It can be complemented additional units and accessories from the HESPERIDE DYO range. HESPERIDE DYO is one of many Schönbuch solutions for which we even design stools to match. Designer shelves are also about being fit for purpose. The lightweight designer wall shelf TREASURE BOX is a great showcase for collectibles. The integrated shelf in the BUREAU desk offers handy storage when your workspace needs to stand in as a dinner table. And for occasional storage, Schönbuch offers a range of other designer furniture, as we design stools not just as seats but also as floor-standing storage solutions.

When we design tables like BUREAU, we often create benches to match, such as MALA, which doubles as a shelf when not used for seating. Shelves designed with in-built uniqueness have their own signature style, which ‘speaks’ to the customer. An integral part of their home, many shelves can be customised with an array of colours, including the shelf-topped cabinets in the COSMO range, and STRIPES shelf and cabinet units. When buying a shelf or shelving units, the material you go for will play an important role. Wooden shelf designs range from the robust STRIPES solutions to the delicate TREASURE BOX wall shelf. Wood also offers a range of options with regard to finish: in its natural state, oiled for protection, the grain and colour are a feature - in a COSMO shelf-top, for example. With an open-pore finish, the grain remains but the look is more colourful. And for full visual impact, a high-quality lacquered finish can create a real statement piece. If you are aiming for a more sober or functional feel, metal shelving can be a good option. S7 is highly minimalist, making for a clean, clear, understated look and combining functional strength with visual lightness. Another option is glass, which needn’t necessarily be clear. The compact FRISBI shelf for entryway storage comes in smoked or clear glass, for different degrees or crispness or luxuriousness. It is available in a range of metal finishes. Alternatively, consider glass, which needn’t necessarily be clear. The compact FRISBI shelf for entryway storage also comes in smoked glass, offering a touch of luxuriousness. A key point to keep in mind is what you want to use them for: a sturdy wall shelf or combination of units will provide a solid home for books; more delicate wall shelf designs can be the perfect showcase for collectibles or ornaments. Also, consider the role of the shelf in the room: a single, coloured wall shelf can be a highlight in a space; more extensive shelves designed for living rooms are more all-encompassing. Also, consider the role of the shelf in the room: a coloured EPOCA console can be a highlight. For a more extensive system of cabinets and shelves, consider a system such as STRIPES. In restricted spaces, small floating shelves and consoles work well. If you think you might upsize in the future, the right shelf design can give you the flexibility you need: system shelves can be ordered for many years to come, so your home can grow with you. They can also be complemented with cabinets to hide away unsightly items.

In addition, the team at Schönbuch design wall mirrors to complement some lines, such as HESPERIDE DYO or CUT. Shelves can also be used to bring separate spaces together. For an open pantry, consider full-height floor-standing STRIPES shelf units with cupboards and cabinets. A full-height shelf unit with a side- or lowboard from the same series can continue the theme in your living room. Floating shelves like S7 are a good way to beautify kitchen wall space and corners and work equally well in living rooms. And TREASURE BOX can showcase all kinds of collectibles, from souvenirs and ornaments to spices and culinary trinkets. And if you’re a lover of aperitifs and cocktails, don’t forget: we also design bar furniture. Take a look!

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Paint - Basic Colours
.54 snow white
.27 grey white
.29 shell
.58 vanilla
.39 ivory
.28 rosewood
.59 pebble
.49 cacao
.60 stone grey
.44 cement
.66 granite
.37 slate black
.46 black
Paint - Accent Colours
.69 citrus yellow
.35 indian yellow
.32 coral
.47 tomate red
.50 sunrise
.52 watermelon
.40 wine red
.38 flamingo pink
.70 dusky rose
.43 blackberry
.42 emerald green
.48 jungle
.53 sage
.30 jade
.62 ocean
.56 sapphire
.61 ice blue
.68 steel blue
.51 night blue
Paint - High-gloss Colours
.108 snow white
.192 grey white
.111 ivory
.189 rosewood
.121 pebble
.110 cacao
.122 stone grey
.109 cement
.105 granite
.103 slate black
.100 black
.191 coral
.114 tomato red
.106 wine red
.113 blackberry
.164 dusky rose
.194 steel blue
.165 night blue
Wooden Surfaces
.01 matt walnut
.02 matt wenge
.03 matt natural grain elm
.04 oiled natural elm
.08 matt oak white
.10 matt wenge-coloured oak
.11 matt bleached oak
.12 oiled natural oak
.14 matt granite oak
.16 oiled natural walnut
.17 matt ash stained granite
.18 matt ash stained stone grey
.19 matt ash black
.21 matt ash snow white
.23 stained oak washed denim
.24 stained oak dark denim
.25 stained oak white denim
.26 matt ash stained jade
.161 untreated ash
.200 Maple bleached, clear lacquered
.770 matt oak
Metal Surfaces
.172 powder-coated night blue, fine structure
.173 powder-coated rosewood
.206 powder-coated citrus yellow, fine structure
.207 powder-coated tomato red
.208 powder-coated grey white
.77 powder-coated asphalt
.78 powder-coated white
.79 powder-coated black
.80 powder-coated snow white
.82 gilded
.83 powder-coated coral
.86 powder-coated matt silver-aluminium
.87 black anodized aluminium
.88 silver
.89 polished chrome smoked
.90 polished chrome
.93 copper
.94 brushed stainless steel
.95 anodised aluminium
.97 powder-coated citrus yellow
.98 matt chrome
.99 bronze anodized aluminium
.101 matt brass
.140 powder-coated cherry red
.144 powder-coated silver aluminium
.145 powder-coated wine red
.146 powder-coated jade
.147 powder-coated nougat
.148 powder-coated white
.215 powder-coated slate black
.150 powder-coated granite
.160 powder-coated rosewood
.150 powder-coated white
.196 powder-coated granite, fine structure
.197 powder-coated coral, fine structure
.198 powder-coated black, fine structure
.199 powder-coated silver aluminium, fine structure
.151 powder-coated bright red
.152 powder-coated yellow
.153 powder-coated light blue
.139 powder-coated slate black
.167 powder-coated snow white, fine structure
.182 powder-coated cement, fine structure
powder-coated white
powder-coated papyrus white
powder-coated traffic grey
powder-coated tele grey
powder-coated neon yellow
powder-coated bright red
powder-coated bright blue
two-colour aluminium
.102 smoked glass
.255 pine green
.256 cloudy grey
.257 lavender
.258 sunflower
.259 beet red
.260 hot pink
.261 sea green
.262 persian red
.263 cornflower blue
.700 gold ruby
.701 dark violett
.760 clear
.761 smoke
.763 amber
.788 sunset yellow
.789 brilliant blue
.790 pink shades
.791 water green
.92 clear glass
.702 Rosa Portogallo
.703 Verde Guatemala
.751 Bianco Carrara
.752 Nero Marquina
Ceramic glaze
.201 poppy
.202 sun
.203 sky
.204 charcoal
.205 cloud
.209 wine
.210 carnation
.211 jewel
.213 midnight
.214 skin
.247 pebble
Ceramic tile
.230 ivory black
.231 mariniére
.232 sandy bay
.233 sea mist
.234 desert sun
.235 black stone
.236 white stone
.240 black
.241 indigo blue
.242 chocolate brown
.243 truffle beige
.244 misty grey
.245 ash grey
Bend leather
.792 black
.793 warm grey
.794 earth
Line Art Edition
royal blue
ice blue
pure red
pure white
.186 jade
Kvadrat Harald 3-823
.187 fuchsia pink
Kvadrat Harald 3-613
.188 opal green
Kvadrat Harald 3-982
.216 green moss
Maharam Messenger 087
.217 space blue
Maharam Messenger 086
.218 skin
Maharam Messenger 097
.219 chili
Maharam Messenger 025
.220 peacock
Maharam Merit 015
.221 amber
Maharam Merit 025
.222 dark purple
Maharam Merit 040
.223 smoke
Maharam Merit 041
.224 arctic
Maharam Merit 023
.225 basalt
Maharam Merit 004
.226 pink clay
Kvadrat Phlox 633
.227 imperial blue
Kvadrat Phlox 763
.228 hunter green
Kvadrat Phlox 983
.229 urban grey
Kvadrat Phlox 883
.726 atomic red
Kvadrat Vidar 653
.727 blush
Kvadrat Vidar 633
.728 lemon
Kvadrat Vidar 443
.729 bavarian sky
Kvadrat Vidar 733
.730 forest green
Kvadrat Vidar 1062
.731 black-grey
Kvadrat Sonar 194
.732 black-white
Kvadrat Sonar 173
.733 blush-black
Kvadrat Sonar 684
.779 rose quartz
Nya Nordiska
.780 silver grey
Nya Nordiska
.781 deep blue
Nya Nordiska
.738 multi rosé
Kvadrat Sonar 633
.717 steel blue
Kvadrat Steelcut 780
.720 powder
Kvadrat Steelcut 240
.722 granite
Kvadrat Steelcut 180
.773 stone grey
Kvadrat Steelcut 155
.774 black
Kvadrat Steelcut 190
.739 citrus yellow
Kvadrat Harald 432
.745 burgundy
Kvadrat Harald 582
.746 night blue
Kvadrat Harald 792
.747 smoke blue
Kvadrat Harald 182
.748 asphalt
Kvadrat Harald 242
.749 sand
Kvadrat Harald 212
.753 cream
Kvadrat Vidar 1511
.754 pebble
Kvadrat Vidar 222
.755 rose
Kvadrat Vidar 622
.757 tangerine
Kvadrat Vidar 542
.758 petrol
Kvadrat Vidar 872
.759 royal blue
Kvadrat Vidar 772
.764 navy blue
Kvadrat Vidar 554
.768 cement
Kvadrat Vidar 152
.772 slate black
Kvadrat Vidar 1880