The STICKS coat stand is a timeless favourite comprising six tilted, rectangular-section solid wood rods. At the top end of each one is a notch that offers additional hanging capacity. STICKS is made of oiled solid wood available in oak or walnut. It is also available in ash wood and finished in matt laquer in snow white, black or night blue. There is also a version of STICKS, in neon pink, which features an open-pore lacquer finish. Naked, STICKS looks like an art installation. Holding jackets, towels and the like, it demonstrates its functional credentials in hallways, guest rooms and bathrooms, as well as offices and waiting rooms. (STICKS is delivered part-assembled and with all the necessary fitting hardware). Wow factor guaranteed.
Material: solid wood Colours and surfaces: matt ash snow white, matt ash black, matt ash night blue, ash neon pink open-pore, oak, walnut
In stock
solid wood
open-pore lacquer finish, oiled
ash snow white, black, night blue, neon pink, oak, walnut
required / Fitting hardware and assembly instructions enclosed
1 piece
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5-7 Days
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