The PIN hook rail is both purist and decorative. Empty, its sliding, fold-out hooks look like a series of over-sized notes on a music stave. Made of solid, lacquered wood, they have a weighty brass ferule at the base, which allows them to return to the upright position when they are not in use. The round tubing of the rail is ideal for hanging scarves and other accessories. Like the wall fixture, it is made of powder-coated metal. PIN comes in two widths. (Fitting hardware included.) From narrow hallways to bedrooms, offices and hotels, PIN is ideal for any setting and a special statement piece.
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Design Marc Venot
metal, solid wood, solid brass
powder-coated, open-pore lacquer finish, brushed
black, brass
required / Fitting hardware and assembly instructions enclosed
1 Piece
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5 - 7 days
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