True Grace
Manor Collection

The fragrances of England captured in candles. That’s the idea behind True Grace, which has produced unique and unusually precious scents like those in the Manor Collection: the Library candle, with its wonderful fragrance of leather-bound books, Cabinet of Curiosity, with notes of pink pepper, coriander and cumin, and Portobello Oud, a woody, spicy mix of patchouli, leather and ginger. Carolin Sangha first discovered True Grace on one of her trips to London. Room fragrances are an integral part of the Schönbuch Creative Director’s life, and the authentic fragrances and quality of the candles immediately caught her imagination. Unsurprising, given that these scented candles are hand-poured and made purely from natural waxes with high perfume oil content – which is also one of the reasons these candles smell so “real”, like Sacristy, with its fragrance of pure incense, which is an absolute favourite of Carolin’s. “It reminds me of warmth, the orient and security,” she says.

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candle container: smoked Glass | wick: cotton
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