One shape, many looks. The CONE wall hook (previously 0390.) is made of solid wood and comes in a variety of finishes. The open-grained, white-painted version features a metallic front that has been gold, silver or copper-plated by hand, by a church restoration specialist. Rather than being polished, it is sealed with a protective layer of varnish to preserve the fine, natural lines of the grain – a particular mark of quality of this type of finish. CONE is also available in white only, as well as a selection of open-grained, painted finishes, or oiled, natural oak or walnut. A classy highlight in pure wood or as a minimalist colour accent. Ideal for any space.
Paint - Basic Colours
.54 snow white
.66 granite
.46 black
Paint - Accent Colours
.35 indian yellow
.32 coral
.52 watermelon
.70 dusky rose
.48 jungle
.53 sage
.56 sapphire
.51 night blue
Wooden Surfaces
.12 oiled natural oak
.16 oiled natural walnut
Other Surfaces
.771 neon pink