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Furniture is the focus of any interior and really makes a house a home — because a beautiful interior depends as much on what’s in it as it does on the space itself. Most importantly, everyday items of furniture need to be functional and resilient, as we use them almost daily. But a good piece of designer furniture is more: it combines functionality and resilience with perfect form and style as well. And that’s what sets it apart from ordinary furniture. Moreover, because style never goes out of fashion, a designer shelf like CUT, designer table like BUREAU or a designer wall mirror, designer stool or designer bar furniture will last a lifetime, if you want it to. Unlike mass-produced items, designer furniture is made from the best materials with superior workmanship. Perfectly crafted and with a durable finish, it fulfils its purpose without unsightly hardware and easily withstands the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Systems such as COSMO and STRIPES also offer bespoke elements, such as freely configurable units and a vast array of colours. Rather than being showy, a designer solution like a brightly coloured LINE coat rack can make an elegant, eye-catching feature, while items like the COLLECT chest of drawers are attractively understated, allowing the quality of the design and craftsmanship to shine through. It’s this combination of qualities that makes designer furniture so unique and valuable. At Schönbuch, when we design furniture, we also like to keep things flexible, so many of our solutions can be used in a variety of ways – always without compromise. The CONGA drawer unit, for example, stands on castors and can be configured to customer specifications, making it useful for storage, as a night table or even as an item of mobile designer bar furniture. The COLLECT makeup table can equally well be used as a desk. And the MATCH side table can be used either upright, as a night or side table, or on its side, as a lowboard or coffee table. The MALA bench makes the perfect seat for unexpected visitors, but happily works for storage when they have gone.

Whether you buy designer furniture online or in-store, there are a few points to think about beforehand. Start with the practicalities. Note down the measurements of the room you’re working on, and keep them handy. That way, you and your retailer can work out which cabinets from a range like URBAN best suit the space available. In addition, measurements are vital for working out how to get the most out of bespoke storage solutions like CABIN. Also, keep in mind the furniture you already have. Take photos and colour cards of the room with you when you visit your furniture store. That way, your retailer can help you ensure the piece integrates well into the current surroundings. From small items such as the NINI stool to entire systems like FIELDS, Schönbuch furniture designs are often available in an array of colours, offering plenty of scope to customise them to meet your requirements. Another point to consider is materials. From wood and metal to leather, velvet and wool, expertly designed furniture can be made from a vast array of materials. Of superior quality, they are resilient, durable and often natural, and always suited to their purpose. Wood is highly durable, and a well-crafted item such as a designer table or desk like BUREAU will stand solidly for years to come. Finished quite simply with oil, the grain and tactility of natural oak, walnut, maple or beech wood can become a feature of a piece, like the oak of the COVER shoe cabinet. But the porous texture of wood can also be retained with a painted finish, on the frame of the CHARPAI daybed, for example. For pure colour, many items crafted from wood can be fully lacquered, such as the top of the ANT side table, available in a range of colour options.

For much of the furniture designed by Schönbuch, the material of choice is metal, as its strength and stability lend even the most filigree items plenty of stability. The delicate frame of GRACE is strong enough for the serving trolley to be used as a mobile bar. The slender yet strong walls of the MATCH side table offer unique flexibility, allowing it to be used upright or on its side, irrespective of how full the storage section may be. And powder-coated, the metal frame of the ALBERT side table exudes warmth and character. In contrast, the chrome-finished ZINOX coat stand makes a show of its metal.