One of the oldest items of furniture in history, a stool can be defined as backless single seat with three or four legs. But since its humble beginnings, this item of furniture has come a very long way indeed. Today, designer stools are luxurious in their simplicity, and made of the finest materials. Modern stool designs often incorporate additional features as well, making them all the more desirable.

At Schönbuch, we have produced number of unique stool designs over the years, each with their own character and features. When it comes to stools, a designer solution is the way to go — because at Schönbuch we value quality in every regard. Strong and robust, our stool designs are skilfully crafted from high-quality woods for stability and durability. They are oiled or lacquered for a resilient finish that withstands occasional knocks and scrapes, and can be complemented with fabric-covered seat tops or cushions to finish off the look. Our designer stools also offer plenty of scope for personalisation, available in a range of natural wood finishes or painted in a choice of colours to customer specification. Some of them are topped with an integrated seat cushion that can be covered in a fabric of your choice. Finished quite simply with wood oil, our HANS and NINI stools show off the natural grain of the wood. Painted in a colour, they can complement the colour scheme of an existing interior. NINI offers a further opportunity for personalisation, being the perfect size for a 0681., cushion, which can be covered to match or contrast with the stool. When it comes to function, a great many of our designs work so well we’ve even extended them into benches. So, when unexpected guests drop by, the longer versions of AMIE and MALA offer comfortable improvised seating for more than one — and convenient storage when they have gone. The CHEST bench is a minimalist storage solution that doubles as a seat for two or more and incorporates copious space to keep things in. Other longer seats include TANI, ADD ON and ALMA, all of which also work well as storage. The modular STRIPES series opens up the option of configuring your very own seat or bench with integrated storage, be it for a single occupant or as an elongated seat taking up the entire length of a wall. UPON is an ideal solution for office spaces and lobbies.

Wooden stool designs by Schönbuch can be used in a variety of settings from bars and kitchens to living rooms, bedrooms and other spaces. For a casual, relaxed atmosphere, we design bar stools like HANS, which looks great in black and grouped around a RACK side table. For convenient seating at a breakfast bar, we design counter stools like HANS and NINI. In living rooms, both HANS and NINI work well as occasional storage, or as side tables for glasses and books; in bedrooms they makes the perfect side tables, with just enough space for a couple of good books and a cup of tea; and as a single designer kitchen stool, either model makes the ideal spot for a friend to sit and enjoy a chat over a glass of wine while you rustle up a tasty meal. For those who prefer an upholstered stool, AMIE offers plenty of extra comfort: in living spaces, it works equally well as a seat or an ottoman; in bedrooms, it provides a place to lay clothes; in entrance areas it offers practical seating as you put on your shoes; and as a bar stool design, it offers low-level seating at coffee-table height.

When choosing a stool, the material you go for is an important consideration. At Schönbuch, all our stools are made of wood, making them solid and robust but also warm to sit on, durable and easy on the eye. A wooden stool design like NINI is the perfect opportunity to introduce a touch of natural wood or a dash of colour into a setting. Topped with a coloured cushion, it integrates easily into the existing setting. For AMIE, we offer a range of high-quality fabrics to lend it the character you desire, coupling softness with resilience and aesthetics with practicality. When buying designer stools online, there are a number of points to keep in mind. As well as the setting in which you will place it, consider what you will use it for. An upholstered AMIE is great for comfort, while MALA, HANS and NINI win hands-down when it comes to mobility and doubling as storage. CHEST can be ordered with drawers for keeping all kinds of outerwear and accessories in hallways, and linens, pullovers or odds and ends elsewhere. And configurable solutions such as STRIPES offer the ultimate in flexible design options. For more ideas on stools and storage, why not browse our other designer furniture, including designer shelves, designer tables and an array of fascinating wall mirror designs?