1. Beauty

    Make-up mirror
  2. Kimo

    Wall mirror
  3. Bubble

    Wall mirror
  4. Geo

    Wall mirror
  5. Cut

    Wall mirror
  6. Cut

    Mirror with shelf
  7. Club

    Mirror coat rack
  8. Brace

    Wall mirror
  9. View

    Wall mirror
  10. Koro

    Wall mirror

Pause to reflect. With Schönbuch it’s easy – because our wall mirror designs are truly arresting. Available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common: their sleek, stylish, distinctive looks. Skilfully crafted from the finest materials and deliberately designed to be different, they remain delightfully understated. Use in bedrooms, bathrooms and entrance areas as well as living and dining rooms, offices, surgeries and hotels, to bring in light, style and a breath of fresh air.

A key characteristic of wall mirror designs by Schönbuch is their geometric clarity. The small BEAUTY vanity mirror, for example, takes the minimalist form of a circle. Framed in a choice of colours, it can either make an eye-catching feature or simply blend in with the rest of the room. For a larger variation on the theme, the frameless, wall-mounted CUT comes in a range of diameters for absolute minimalism in generous dimensions. It can also be complemented with a sleek shelf that slices across the bottom of the circle to offer stylish, convenient storage. BUBBLE takes the circle theme into three dimensions: visible only from the side, its terracotta back comes in a choice of colours, tapering towards and extending forward to delicately frame the looking glass. When used in hallways or offices, a solution such as BUBBLE works well with CARLO, an umbrella stand design that is also available in black terracotta. Our five GEO mirrors take the geometric theme several steps further. Set in square, black, powder-coated frames, GEO mirrors come in a selection of geometric shapes, the square one being the only one to fill its frame completely. The rectangular, triangular, half-oval and semi-circular versions intriguingly fill only a section of the frame and can be hung any way up. Mix and match to create an eye-catching feature in hallways, bathrooms, hotel rooms or offices – or as a creative wall mirror design for living rooms. INDIVIDUAL has echoes of a more classic wall mirror design – but once again with a contemporary twist. It is enclosed in a slender, elegant frame crafted from natural oak or walnut, or finished in one of a range of colours. Made to measure in any size up to 1 x 2 metres, it makes the perfect large designer wall mirror, offering the scope and dimensions you need to match it to your existing interior setup. And if it’s a full wall mirror design you’re looking for, how about a frameless version of the fully customisable mirror? INDIVIDUAL II is crafted uniquely to your specifications (maximum size: 1 x 2 metres).

Unlike ordinary mirrors, modern wall mirror designs by Schönbuch offer more than meets the eye. ELECTRIC is a sleek and unobtrusive solution for concealing fuse boxes, wall safes and other unwanted imperfections, with hinges and a magnetic catch to ensure easy access nonetheless. Whether standing on a shelf or mounted to the wall, BEAUTY offers infinite flexibility: the perfect wall mirror design for bedrooms and bathrooms especially, the magnifying mirror has a magnetic ball joint so you can twist and turn it as needed. CLUB is a full-length mirror with an integrated rail for hanging clothes and a frame that comes in a choice of coloured or natural wood finishes. Ideal for tighter spaces, CLUB is easy to move for extra flexibility. And don’t forget: we also design hangers, so why not browse our collection for the perfect CLUB complement? Another special feature of wall mirror designs by Schönbuch is the fact that they offer plenty of scope for you to unleash your creativity. The GEO mirrors can be ordered individually or as a team and flexibly combined. The various numbers and shapes allow you to create your own ensemble as the perfect wall mirror design for a dining room. Similar flexibility is offered by VIEW, with its slim, 50s-inspired frame, which comes in selected colours and features rounded corners. Hang or lean one or more VIEW mirrors on the wall for a charming retro touch. For a similar effect with or without frames, try an arrangement of INDIVIDUAL or INDIVIDUAL II mirrors to break up walls and open up vistas. And for a coordinated look, try coupling a CUT mirror with a matching shelf and designer coat hooks from the CUT series. Some of our designer mirrors open up entirely new perspectives. The full-length LEAN is designed to be propped in a corner against two walls (with an optional fixture for extra stability on the back if you prefer). Its elongated trapezoid form tapers towards the top, leaving the mirror to lean at an angle and reflect the room as you have never seen it before. For a free-standing mirror with similar attributes, try BEAM, which is mounted to a solid support with an oak veneer finish and ideal in commercial as well as domestic settings. If you’re looking for a mirror to use in an entrance area, why not match it with something from our extensive range of coat rack designs? Designer wall mirrors by Schönbuch. Always worth a second look.