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When it comes to tables, it pays to go designer – because at Schönbuch, when we design tables, we do so with the bigger picture in mind. From the quality of materials to the functionality of the design, we come up with creative solutions that open up a world of opportunities. Our designer tables can be complemented with a host of additional designer items from our collection, including benches, trays, vases and letter racks. Meticulously crafted, they are solid, stable and beautiful – and have infinitely more uses than you might think!

One of the defining features of a designer table is the signature style of their creator. The rounded forms of BUREAU, for example, are striking, especially when complemented with the MALA designer bench. The ANT side table design is based on the shape of the insect, its rounded top resting on slender wooden legs that almost look as though they could walk away. And the clean lines of the AMANITA side table offer an innovative take on the small, round side table, the finish on the central foot echoing the horizontality of the top. AMANITA comes in two sizes, which can be used in combination or alone. Schönbuch table designs are the result of a special, multifaceted approach to purpose. MATCH, for example, is highly versatile. Great as a bedside table design, it is the perfect height, has a small footprint, and offers plenty of storage space for books and magazines. Turned on its side, it becomes the ideal coffee table design, with not only storage but also a generous table top design for placing books, vases and drinks. A great option for a slender, elegant side table design is RACK, which becomes an umbrella stand when upturned. And with its optional integrated storage and electrical sockets, BUREAU not only makes a perfect desk but is also the ideal modern dining or kitchen table design. What’s more, it is easily converted from desk to table, as the in-built shelf on the underside offers quick, convenient storage for laptops, drawing materials and other utensils when friends drop by for a bite to eat. Other tables with integrated storage include the COLLECT and SPHERE dressing table designs, as well as the CONGA drawer chest, which also works well as a side table. Electrical sockets and other fittings can be integrated into numerous other table designs. The COLLECT and SPHERE dressing tables come with integrated mirrors and optional electrical connectors for added convenience. They can all be complemented with matching seats topped with a cushion in a choice of fabrics. COLLECT can be complemented with a matching chest of drawers, which echoes the arrangement of the drawers in the make-up table and desk, and comes in a lacquered or as a natural wooden table design. A choice of finishes and bespoke elements is also a feature of various other designer tables by Schönbuch, allowing you plenty of scope to customise your choice to suit your setting. COLLECT, SPHERE and BUREAU, for example, can all be ordered in a choice of colours, with a range of extras and accessories. Colours are also a feature of NINI and HANS, two designer stools that will happily double as side tables whenever needed. Alternatively, for a more natural look, many Schönbuch tables come in an oiled natural finish.

When choosing a table, craftsmanship and durable materials are key considerations. Our designer tables are made by highly skilled craftspeople who know how to create strong, robust designer furniture. Hard-wearing painted and lacquered finishes mean our modern table designs retain their beauty for a very long time. And in many products, such as SPHERE and BUREAU, the effects of day-to-day wear and tear can also be warded off with an optional top-coat of nano lacquer. In side tables such as ANT and ALBERT, and on the CONGA chest of drawers, a glass top makes for extra resilience. Powder-coated solutions like MATCH are inherently tough and stable. When buying a designer table online or in-store, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. One point to think about is its intended use. In smaller spaces, a multipurpose solution like BUREAU offers maximum benefit, combining all the functions of a desk with the beauty and size of an informal dining table. Console tables such as BUREAU, RACK, JUSTE and TUB offer convenient wall storage without taking up much space. And if it’s a make-up table you need, SPHERE can be ordered with a range of fittings and features. For couch potatoes, MATCH, ANT, AMANITA and ALBERT are the perfect side table for your glass, favourite books and magazines.

Another important point is the setting. BUREAU, for example, makes a great kitchen table, providing plenty of space to seat people but also working well as an improvised work place. Console tables such as TUB offer convenient kitchen storage and are ideal for showcasing attractive jars and packages, or as a place to keep shopping lists and shopping bags. They are also great for bedrooms, where they provide space-saving storage for jewellery and other small items, a place for fresh flowers and books, and a shelf for bags below. For extra convenience, why not combine your chosen solution with a matching or complementary wall mirror design? A great many tables by designers at Schönbuch can also be ordered in a choice of colours and finishes, meaning they can blend very well with the designer shelves in our range or with your existing furniture. With designer tables by Schönbuch, the options are endless – limited only by your imagination!