1. Grace

    Serving trolley

Designer bar furniture surpasses ordinary bar furniture in many ways. Well thought-out, it combines practicality with aesthetics. So when entertaining friends, you can forget to-ing and fro-ing to the kitchen to fetch glasses and bottles, and enjoy more time with your guests instead, with the drinks cabinet and accoutrements conveniently to hand at the table or in your living space. A key element that sets good bar furniture design apart is the look, not only of the item itself but also of the contents it showcases.

The GUARD drinks cabinet, for example, stands on slender legs, its two sleek, hinged doors folding right back to reveal glass shelves for your favourite beverages, ice bucket and glassware. The invisible LED lighting strips and mirrored back add to the showcase effect, illuminating the interior and reflecting the contents to conjure a sophisticated ‘bar’ feel. And when your guests have left, GUARD can be closed up to become a stylish addition to your everyday space. Another feature of skilful bar furniture design is flexibility. In smaller spaces, a movable, multi-purpose option like GRACE is the perfect space-saving solution. Great as a side table or for everyday mobile storage, GRACE is the ideal dessert or bar cart. Similar flexibility is offered by the distinctive cylindrical CONGA drawer unit. This comes in various heights and configurations, with different drawer depths, open fronts and tray tops to choose from. CONGA can be what you make it: an office assistant by day, a bar assistant at night. And then, of course, there is the bespoke element of bar furniture designed by Schönbuch. GUARD, CONGA and GRACE come in a selection of colours and finishes. CONGA is available in many configurations, including a choice of tray tops. Practicality and fitness for purpose are two more features that set designer bar furniture apart. Large wheels mean GRACE rolls smoothly into place. High-quality castors and a cylindrical shape make CONGA easy to manoeuvre. Raised edges on both prevent glasses and bottles from falling. And when opened up, GUARD offers a full overview of contents to make mixing and serving easier.

At Schönbuch, our bar furniture designs effortlessly take the weight of bottles, glassware and utensils is a given. Bespoke options include fully lacquered finishes and optional glass tops, which remain unblemished by water or condensation. When buying designer bar furniture, a key point to keep in mind is where and how you will use it. Multi-functional solutions are an excellent way of saving space, as they offer convenient storage during the day and serve as a bar trolley when needed. If space isn’t an issue, a solution such as GUARD is a convenient permanent bar that reveals its inner qualities only when you want it to.

In addition, Schönbuch solutions come in a range of colours, so you can choose the finish you need. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you could opt for an item of elegant reserve, or create a bold statement piece. For a touch of sheer luxury and a sophisticated bar experience, GRACE GOLD EDITION invokes the glamour of bygone days. At Schönbuch, our bar furniture designs withstand all the stresses and strains of regular use. Crafted from strong, durable, high-quality materials, our bar furniture retains its beauty for a very long time. The paints and lacquers of CONGA and GUARD, for example, are durable, resilient and easy to clean, as are the back-painted glass top of GRACE and the glass shelves of GUARD. The MDF body of GUARD firmly supports the interior shelves and easily takes the weight of tumblers, stemware and bottles. The powder-coated metal frames of both GRACE and GUARD are strong and secure. The hand-gilded GRACE GOLD EDITION is finished with a protective varnish for extra durability. Why not complement your bar setup with one of our designer tables, designer stools or other designer furniture items? Browse our shop for inspiration!