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Hand-made in Bavaria – at home around the world. Schönbuch’s innovative solutions for entrance areas have earned it an international reputation. But Schönbuch also proves unequivocally that, though living may start in the hallway, it certainly doesn’t end there. Beautiful storage for coats and shoes, customised fitted cabinets and, last but not least, furniture highlights such as versatile bar trolleys and elegant desks with an element of surprise. Numerous accessories by renowned designers are adding to the product portfolio and make Schönbuch the perfect partner for home solutions as well as larger projects. The diverse product categories are united by a single factor: clear design. Their creations are always unusual, never out of place, out of the ordinary but not overdone.

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Small but perfectly formed, the AMIE stool is easily moved from place to place to provide seating wherever it’s needed. To accommodate more people, or even just as a particularly attractive place to keep everyday items, there’s also the AMIE bench. The generous upholstery on either adds height, making for interesting proportions and a welcoming look. With a wide range of hard-wearing, high-quality furnishing fabrics to choose from for the cover, AMIE can be styled in an array of possible colours, from striking to subdued. The underframe can also be ordered in a choice of matt finishes that can be freely combined with the chosen fabric, in creative contrast or as a gentle blend. Beauty in countless options.
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Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful has long been a credo to which Schönbuch wholeheartedly subscribes. Taking function as its starting point, the Bavarian maker of furnishings and accessories creates exceptional modular furniture systems as well as individual pieces, accessories and special editions. Having initially focused on entrance areas, Schönbuch today proves its expertise and sense of style in any space, with innovative, long-lasting products in clear designs and an array of colours and finishes.

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