Schönbuch x IRMA

Schönbuch’s innovative approaches to precious woods, nuanced colours, clarity of form and high-quality craftsmanship make the collection truly unique and a great canvas for illustrational art by IRMA. It was a great pleasure for Jasmin Khezri - illustrator and founder of Irmasworld - to work on the classic TRAY LITTLE tray which can also function as a piece of art when leaned against the wall and the wooden bowl BOWL, made out of oak wood are comfortable to feel and hold in your hand, besides being a special piece in your interior on your desk or living room table. To work on wood was a first time experience and Jasmin Khezri focused on a fine drawn line creating floating images that express cocooning, comfort and effortless emotion. The illustrations are burned onto the surfaces using laser technology and, surprisingly, appear as fluid and fine as usual.

Wooden Surfaces
.12 oiled natural oak