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The LINE wall cabinet is all about the essentials – just like the coat rack this series is named after. It comes in two widths and depths, both versions being the same height as the coat rack. The edges of the cabinet are mitred, and a wide range of matt and high-gloss colours are available for the finish. On the narrower one, the door can be painted or a mirror, and there are various handy options for the interior: painted shelves, a charging point and an umbrella stand with drip tray. The wider cabinet is ideal for storing shoes and can be fitted with painted shelves or powder-coated, perforated steel shoe shelves. The LINE range also comprises not only the wall-mounted coat rack but a magnetic wall element for attaching notes and photos, a decorative strip, and a wall mirror. Space-saving storage meets clear design that’s in a league of its own in every respect, whether in hallways, home offices, waiting rooms or hotel rooms.
Paint - Basic Colours
.54 snow white
.27 grey white
.29 shell
.39 ivory
.28 rosewood
.59 pebble
.49 cacao
.60 stone grey
.44 cement
.66 granite
.37 slate black
.46 black
Paint - Accent Colours
.35 indian yellow
.50 sunrise
.32 coral
.47 tomate red
.40 wine red
.52 watermelon
.38 flamingo pink
.70 dusky rose
.43 blackberry
.48 jungle
.42 emerald green
.53 sage
.30 jade
.61 ice blue
.68 steel blue
.56 sapphire
.51 night blue
Paint - High-gloss Colours
.108 snow white
.192 grey white
.111 ivory
.189 rosewood
.121 pebble
.164 dusky rose
.110 cacao
.122 stone grey
.109 cement
.105 granite
.103 slate black
.100 black
.191 coral
.114 tomato red
.106 wine red
.113 blackberry
.194 steel blue
.165 night blue