Colourful, beautiful and functional – the YOKI bowl is an enrichment for any (table) display. Designed by Christian Haas, it is hand-crafted from ceramic and has a glazed finish. Its special shape with convex and concave surfaces is striking and a nod to the voluminous ceramics of the 1950s and 60s.
YOKI comes in two different sizes and a choice of four colours – desert, fir, frost and papaya. And what’s fascinating about it is that because it is hand-crafted from natural material, the colour and shape can vary, making each one unique.
When it comes to finding the right place for YOKI, the calm yet expressive design opens up all sorts of possibilities – as a colour accent on tables, a bowl for fruit or vegetables, or a decorative item on sideboards and shelves. And no less diverse are YOKI’s styling options, which range from monochrome solo to multicoloured combinations, with or without contents. YOKI is an all-rounder and good to have about the place.

Ceramic glaze
.278 desert
.279 fir
.280 frost
.281 papaya