Schönbuch Designer Anette Ponholzer Fritz Frenkler

Anette Ponholzer & Fritz Frenkler

In 2000 the designers Fritz Frenkler and Anette Ponholzer established f/p design deutschland gmbh in Germany, followed by f/p design japan inc. in 2003. In the preceding years Fritz Frenkler was General Manager of frogdesign Asia, ran the wiege Wilkhahn Entwicklungsgesellschaft development company and was Head of Design for the German rail company Deutsche Bahn AG. Anette Ponholzer worked initially in New York after gaining her diploma in industrial design, followed like Frenkler by a period with wiege Wilkhahn. In 2007 she was guest professor for interior design at the Stuttgart College of Advanced Technology. Anette Ponholzer leaves f/p design in 2017. For Schönbuch, Fritz Frenkler and Anette Ponholzer (f/p design) created the CABIN made-to-measure cupboard for individual storage space, the delicately shaped wardrobes SKID and RACK and the minimalist coat stand LEFT.