Schönbuch Designer Designstudio Speziell Sybille Fleckenstein Jens Pohlmann Dr. Thilo Schwer

Designstudio Speziell

Combining function with emotion is a challenge that Designstudio speziell® confronts in its specific way. Three holders of design diplomas – Sybille Fleckenstein, Jens Pohlmann and Dr. Thilo Schwer opened this Offenbach-based design studio in 2002. Its work is devoted to various articles and product lines in the consumer goods area, ranging from china, kitchen equipment and lights to living-area and office furniture. The results of their joint activity have gained numerous awards, and the ANGLE wardrobe and umbrella stand as well as the coat hanger 0104. developed by Designstudio speziell® for Schönbuch is a perfect example of their creative teamwork.