Jonathan Radetz

Creating contemporary products and testing the limits of feasibility – that’s what Jonathan Radetz is all about. The fully qualified master cabinet-maker graduated in product design but refuses to be a one-trick pony and produces highly varied designs. Based in Frankfurt, he creates furniture, accessories, ceramics and jewellery – always with a clear, purist, timeless look. After stints with designer brands such as e15 and in the studios of Stefan Diez and Saskia Diez, Radetz now focuses on his own projects and collaborations. He sees himself as an intercultural ambassador in dialogue with production and design methods from different parts of the world. For Schönbuch, Jonathan Radetz has previously teamed up with the graphic designer Antonia Henschel to create CINEMA, a series of decorative bookends. He has now developed the brand-new KON mirror, inspired photographs and even more so by artworks featuring distorted mirror images.