Westwood Marble

When close collaboration leads to a joint designer brand – Westwood Marble was founded in Munich in 2022 by the creative all-rounders and sparring partners Martina Tauber and Michael Daiminger. Together, they design striking furniture and other items made of classic materials such as wood, stone and metal – timeless and elegant with clear, aesthetic forms and surprising details. Tauber is internationally known as an art adviser and curator, focusing on custom art concepts and the art trade. Daiminger is a graphic designer specialising in design and packaging in architecture, interior design and art. He also works as a photographer. The SCENA display system is Westwood Marble’s debut piece for Schönbuch and ideal for showcasing books, artworks, interior accessories and everyday items. It was inspired by the duo’s experience in art consultancy and especially in the challenging field of hanging and displaying artworks.