NIKARA is a showcase for favourite items of jewellery – and the result of Schönbuch’s first collaboration with the Munich goldsmith and product designer Saskia Diez. Rather than stowing jewellery safely away, NIKARA is about displaying it. It consists of four solid oak elements with an open-pored, painted finish. Reminiscent of colourful building blocks, they can be arranged in any way, like miniature works of art. Each set consists of a display for rings, a necklace stand, an earring holder and a mirror. Minimalist in their design, the four elements complement each other perfectly in form: when placed face to face, the triangular mirror and ring holder form a block while the necklace and earring displays combine to create a half-cylinder. It’s also how the four items are arranged in the elegant, purist giftbox. The NIKARA set comes in a choice of three colourways, from subdued to vibrant, all of which work well with any shade of metal, be it rose gold, yellow gold or silver. Jewellery-lovers like their treasures to be seen – even when they are not wearing them.
Paint - Basic Colours
.39 ivory
.49 cacao
.66 granite
.37 slate black
Paint - Accent Colours
.35 indian yellow
.50 sunrise
.47 tomate red
.40 wine red
.52 watermelon
.48 jungle
.42 emerald green
.56 sapphire