The BOW coat stand is a minimalist accessory and highlight with a delicate frame that belies its true strength. The clearly off-centre position of the pole in relation to the footplate is a striking design feature. Both pole and plate are finished in a fine powder coating, which comes in a selection of colours. The steel tubing is 2.5 cm in diameter. The hanging rail, which accommodates up to 4 coathangers, is topped with a flat, almost invisible plastic strip to protect the powder coating when the hangers are moved. BOW holds up to 7 kg of clothing, provided it is evenly distributed. (It is delivered part-assembled, with all the required fitting hardware.) BOW can be used anywhere and even works well in tight spaces. Its clear style makes it a favourite for commercial settings and is in keeping with the motto “Focus on the Essentials”.
Material: finely textured powder-coated steel Colour and Surface: powder-coated rosewood, powder-coated citrus yellow, powder-coated grey white, powder coated slate black
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Brand f/p design
powder-coated fine structure
rosewood, citrus yellow, grey white, slate black
required / Fitting hardware and assembly instructions enclosed
1 piece
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5 - 7 days
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