For the child in us. RE-OR candles are inspired by the classic stacking-ring toy. They consist of four geometrically shaped wax elements: a sphere, a cube, a cylinder and a plate. These can be stacked in different ways to produce new and beautiful silhouettes each time. RE-OR candles come in four colourways, from pastels and strong primaries via two gradations to a combination of black, white and grey. One such colourway is CMYK, after the well-known colour model used in four-colour printing and describing the mixing ratios of the four basic shades: cyan (bright turquoise), magenta (pink), yellow and key (black). These four colours make up the CMYKay candle. “Playful colour combinations like this are something you’ll often find with Schönbuch as well,” says Carolin Sangha.
RE-OR is the result of a collaboration between the interdisciplinary design studio BCXSY from Amsterdam and the PR pro Davide Giordano, who has worked for the likes of the architect Zaha Hadid, and Tony Chambers, formerly Creative Director of Britain’s Wallpaper magazine. “I know Tony from back then,” says Carolin Sangha. “We both share this boundless creativity.”
Stimulating the senses, body, mind and soul and bringing more joy to your home. That’s the mission of the RE-OR creators.

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