Yolo Journal

A travel magazine that thrives on stunning visuals and highly personal travel tips: founder and publisher Yolanda Edwards – formerly Creative Director with the renowned Condé Nast Traveller – wanted her magazine to report on not just what’s new but also what’s good. So, this is where you’ll see famous figures like the architect Luis Laplace reveal their favourite places, local drivers recommend the best spots to stop for a break, the model Liya Kebede share her transpersonal work in St Barths, and a local guide give us a tour of a traditional agave farm. Some editions are dedicated to a specific country such as France, Italy, the US or Greece, while others explore themes like wellness or adventure. But all are characterised by their very own aesthetic and inspiration which invite readers to dream and travel. “I first found out about Yolanda Edwards’s magazine through friends in England and have been a faithful reader ever since the first issue, in summer 2019,” says Carolin Sangha. “Yolanda’s articles, tips and visuals of amazing places have a lot in common with what inspires me on my travels.”

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