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The KON mirror opens up new perspectives – with two mirrored surfaces: a large main mirror and a slim side mirror running at 45 degrees to it along the inside edge of the frame.
The angle of the side mirror creates various effects, depending on the viewing angle. It can make the frame appear double the size, reflect its colours and create triangular reflections, for instance. Playing with perceptions, however, KON never loses sight of its actual job: to let you look at yourself in the mirror.
The modernist clarity of the design is emphasised by the portrait format (50 x 120 cm) and the depth of the frame (85 mm). Designed by Jonathan Radetz, KON is fully lacquered and available in the full range of Schönbuch colours. A sober, minimalist piece that combines stringent lines with visual finesse and functionality to very special effect. Perfect for any space or setting.

Paint - Basic Colours
.54 snow white
.27 grey white
.29 shell
.39 ivory
.28 rosewood
.59 pebble
.49 cacao
.60 stone grey
.44 cement
.66 granite
.37 slate black
.46 black
Paint - Accent Colours
.35 indian yellow
.50 sunrise
.32 coral
.47 tomate red
.40 wine red
.52 watermelon
.38 flamingo pink
.70 dusky rose
.43 blackberry
.48 jungle
.42 emerald green
.53 sage
.30 jade
.61 ice blue
.68 steel blue
.56 sapphire
.51 night blue