Living with Schönbuch

What do Schönbuch furniture and accessories look like in an real apartment or home? Do their crisp designs work well in older buildings too? And do their expressive colours really look good in any kind of interior? We chose a few of our favourite spaces as the setting for our Schönbuch collection. Why not join us for a tour?

Hideaway of

Enter the tranquillity of this apartment and it’s hard to believe it’s in a disused barn. The converted hayloft in the Chiemgau region of Upper Bavaria is now an oasis of calm – for the soul as well as the eye.

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A Bungalow
in the Hills

A light-flooded refuge in southern Europe – a bungalow built in the style of architect Richard Neutra. Full-height glass facades create a near-seamless transition between outdoors and in. The living space merges almost imperceptibly with the garden.

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A peaceful

In search of a timeless, peaceful place: at CASA NO TEMPO time stands still. The past and present become one. It’s a place where the new can unfold, where tradition meets modernity. It also provides a very special setting for a Schönbuch interior, where crisp, clear forms and unique colour worlds blend harmoniously with the minimalist architecture and the natural colours and materials of the farmhouse.

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A creative story to be told. Schönbuch’s Creative Director Carolin Sangha interpreted the current designs in an extraordinary location in the heart of Lisbon. Gentle and quiet spaces thereby form the perfect backdrop for the colourful furniture pieces an overall statement that draws the eye. Simply beautiful.

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My Home
in Porto

„We moved for a few days, with a selection of Schönbuch furniture and accessories, to a beautiful townhouse in the heart of Porto. The house was built in the 1930s and has a magnificent green tiled facade with a tropical garden in the backyard“

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Living in
a Castle

Furniture and accessories by Schönbuch blend seamlessly into historic settings – and Hotel Das Kranzbach is perfect proof. Located at the foot of the Zugspitze mountain, in the German Alps, Das Kranzbach was established over 100 years ago by the British aristocrat Mary Portman. It was built as a country residence and a retreat for her musician and artist friends.

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In the

An old townhouse in Porto. This is the home and studio of the designer Christian Haas. Bathed in light, it made the perfect backdrop for photographing our furniture and accessories. Were it not for the fact that this was just a whistle-stop, you could be forgiven for thinking they belonged there.

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